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Speak Georgia is a 501c3 organization designed to educate and provide resources to the community directly from subject matter experts! Before becoming a non-profit, Speak Georgia hosted a series of town-hall styled, kitchen-table talks surrounding some of the most pressing topics and legislations. We are placing our audience in front of subject matter experts. As a non-profit, we’re looking forward to focusing on our rural communities, particularly farmers and college-age students. We believe there is a huge responsibility on all of us to maintain our rural communities.

The Objective of Speak Georgia is to provide an environment where the community represented can obtain detailed information and resources needed to thrive!

Our Story

For the past 10 years Janelle King has become deeply entrenched in the world of Republican politics, starting with working on campaigns then progressing to running them.  She has since held the title of Deputy State Director with the Georgia Republican Party during the most contested and difficult Governor’s race to ever hit the state of Georgia…resulting in a win for her candidate.

Janelle Jones, Speak Georgia
Kelvin King, Speak Georgia

During this time Kelvin King was busy building Osprey Management a successful construction firm that has since been named by the Atlanta Business Chronicles as the fast-growing business two years in a row.

What did the two have in common? They were both African-American Republicans in a southern state. Many African Americans who vote Republican often find themselves in political isolation many times over. Needless to say, Janelle and Kelvin became friends over two years ago, and during this time they became a sounding board for each other on a variety of political topics. Most of these discussions started at the kitchen table and ended with them thinking how beneficial it would be if they could have these talks with not only the subject matter experts but also with their friends and others.

Speak Georgia Kelvin King and Janelle Jones

They noticed a disconnection between fully understanding these topics while being equipped with the correct information to be able to adequately come to a proper opinion on the matter…thus creating a truly educated voter.

When they decided to turn their friendship into a dating relationship, their discussions grew more frequent, eventually becoming something that moved from the kitchen table to their date night themes, and thus Speak Georgia was born!

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